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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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EIGHTH TALK              l55

to that, and quietly and gently go along with that
and get it done. Yield to other people in all the
other parts, and then they will think what a delight-
fully yielding person you are and how pleasant you
are to work with, and they will follow you in that
part which is important, without knowing it. That
is the difference between the fanatic and the Occult-
ist. The fanatic never knows the difference between
the important and the unimportant, he is equally
insistent upon everything, he tries to ride rough-shod
over people's prejudices, he rubs their fur the wrong
way. And so they get set against him. He arouses
their prejudices, so that they will not follow him in
something really high and important, just because he
has dealt with them in the wrong way. If you care-
fully stroke them the right way, they will purr con-
tentedly and follow you. You call that tact in the
outer world. In occultism it is a phase of discrim-
ination, but it is a very necessary thing. Do you not
see that you, who have come into this—I am talking
to you as souls not as bodies—will have your oppor-
tunity, and surely you will take it, of working in the
•development of the Sixth Root Race some seven
hundred years hence ? You will quite certainly have
that chapce ; I take it that you will accept it; you
will be very foolish if you do not.

In the meantime many of you will have much to
do with preparing the world for the coming of the
World Teacher. Some of you will be alive when